6 Steps to an Effective Network Transformation

Join this 20 Minute Webinar

Are you considering a network transformation and unsure where to begin? Or maybe you've already started and could use some refinement around your approach? This is the webinar for you.

Advancements in IT are accelerating at a rapid pace and investing in new IT solutions is no longer an option, it is a necessity. But many organizations don't have the visibility they need to even begin. From developing a business case to evaluating your core network and implementing the change, our experts will be discussing everything you need to know to make your network transformation a success.

What you'll learn

Why it's critical to evaluate your core Network:

Inventory management has never been easy, and telecom billing can be inaccurate. Historically companies with fast-changing areas have always struggled to manage sites and services. The challenge only compounds when you have a wider range of services and potentially more service providers.

Understanding and defining the strategy:

Ensure you understand whether cloud-based, fixed, or hybrid is best for your organization moving forward. Compare your current capabilities with the need to support a new network, including people, vendors, hardware, and applications.

How to be realistic with your roadmap and drive the transformation:

Nobody likes a project to fall behind. As the scale of most network transformations continues to grow, successfully leading them requires dedicated resources with the experience, time, and support to drive the transformation forwards.